Sketching and Painting a girl in monochromatic style

Welcome back to another Videhop for #letusstartwithart. A collaboration with a bunch of other video creators.
Again I m challenging myself with the monochromatic prompt I have choosen just for myself. This time I sketch and paint a whimsical girl.

It is the first video I have filmed in my refreshed studio and I talk a lot about what I have planned for the second half of this year. Here some impression from the studio before and after

But back to my painting or illustration, I’m never sure what I should call it as there is an Illustration vibe to the whole thing IMHO. Anyway do sketch I have used a simple standard graphite pencil, but then I went over with a oilbased charcoal from Cretacolor. For the color I have used some soft pastels and watercolors.

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