About me

I’m a Mixed Media artist, YouTuber and teacher from Switzerland. Color was and is always the reason for me to work. I have passed several Fiber and Art related educations in Zurich, additionally I’m a certified for Educations for Educators Level 1.

Making art gives me the opportunity to reinvent myself on daily basis. Each work is like a chance of a lifetime and I challenge myself to contemplate and experiment again and again. And if I can put a smile on the face of the viewer I have achieved one of my goals.

In my paintings I bring together acrylic paints, waxcrayons, collage, and more. With the inspiration from nature, garden and daily life I like to express myself on canvases, wooden boards or watercolor paper. Sizewise it goes from really tiny Mini Paintings (10×10 cm) to the larger one up to 100×100 cm.

My assemblages or Found Object art are mostly on the bright sight and rather quirky again the size varies from small to larger.

In the past I have worked for several Design Teams like

Gauche Alchemy

Crafter’s Companion

Canvas Corp Brands

Makin’s Clay

Art Foamies

Bleeding Art Challenge

Steampunk Blog Challenge

Some of the shows and galleries I have been

December 2022, Castle Greifensee

November 2022 Greuterhof, Islikon

November 2022, Castle Weiningen

May 2022 Frühlings Ausstellung Dübendorf

Februar/March Urbanside Gallery, Zürich

December 2021, Castle Greifensee

March 2020, Gallery Fafou; Oberuzwil

December 2019 Open Studio

August 2019 Swissart Expo, Zürich

March 2019 Frühlings Ausstellung Dübendorf

May-July 2017 Gallery Adles, Zürich

until 2017 Ritterhaus Bubikon and more

Every artist dips his brush in his
own soul, and paints his own
nature into his pictures.

Henry Ward Beecher