Ecodyed Papers to Journals

As some of you may know I’m at the moment in Youtube Vacation, but I thaught I share some pictures from my Dying Adventures. I did a long time ago dye my own yarns with plants, when I still was a Master Weaver, so the process is familiar to me.

Anyway just a little slideshow for you from the different steps it takes to have those wonderful, serendipity colored papers. I had two sessions on different dates. (well it was depending on the weather, as I did the dying outside on the porch) The first time I did just some plants and paper. But the second time I did put in the same dyebath I had also fabric, laces and threads. So I did stack the papers with plant bits in between, but I also added rusted pieces and a tiny bit of reactive dyes. I also had some alum and vinegar in the dye bath. No excact measurments though, I just winged it. To turn it into a journals.

The cover for the first batch of just papers I made from some wallpapers. I have some which where from woven linen fabric in natural color. It seems to me the perfect fit.

For the second batch I have used some recycled cardboard, which I have covered with the fabric from the same dyebath. I also added some embellishment to the cover. Like beads and pearls and a heart which I have made with embossing powders.

Now enjoy the slideshow and as usual if there any question, leave them in the comment. Take care and stay safe.

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