Flipthrough one of my artjournals

Today I’m here with a flipthrough for one of my artjournals. And a little heads up it is a rather lengthy video for me. I talk a lot about how I made the pages and what medium I have used. The journal is handmade with different kind of papers, also the size of the pages varies. And to top it even further I did add wavy edges, did punch out stars and flowers and what not, before I even started to fill in. So enjoy the video down below.

And a side note here I will have a vacation break on Youtube. I will be back on august 5 th, but I have planned some blogpost for you with some pictures from other project, which I never filmed, but did take picture. In fact I take a lot of pictures just for myself, so I remember how I did things, lol do many things in my head to keep trackšŸ¤£

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