Painting Whimsical Face with Giveaway

Hello and welcome for the first videocollaboration in 2023 with #3girlsand12faces
As you gonna see in the video we did change the size of the substrate to a postcard size. Just because we decided to have now every month a giveaway of those faces.
So I start in January with my painting of a whimsical face and then next month Eleni is giving away and then in March it is Marie.
If you want the chance to win my postcard, please leave a comment under the video (To leave a comment on the YouTube app, you’ll need to be logged into your Google or YouTube account.) And don’t forget to check back next Friday January 13th if you are the lucky winner. You will find the name of the winner pinned at the top.

For supplies I have used only some chalk pencils and the Pan Pastels. For the highlights in the eyes I did use a white acryl marker.

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