Timelapse Painting Abigail

Welcome to my process for painting a mixed media piece which I called Abigail. Before you ask, she isn’t real (I think) I totally made her up. I’m not interested in painting portraits, just want to express some feelings and ideas, but trying not to much to think about. Cause that would stop me painting. Instead I try to express some things from my inner world. Everybody is free to see in her what ever and who ever they want.
It is by the way one of the new paintings I gonna have in my next exhibiton at Dübendorf. There is an art and craft show “Frühlings Ausstellung, Obere Mühle, Oberdorfstr. 15, 8600 Dübendorf. Times are Friday, may 13th 16-19 Uhr, Saturday/Sunday may 14/15th 10-17 Uhr. Would love to see you there.

And while I’m at I also have a bunch of new studio classes, check it out here
But back to Abigail find the video below the image.

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