Let’s print some faux wallpapers

In preparing for one of my upcoming online classes I make some collage papers in form of “Faux wallpapers”. I do use my own stencils which are available in my shop here https://beagrob.com/?page_id=6667
I did film only the blue version, but I actually made a red version first and I have planned to make a yellow version. All for the class “Fancyful Flowers” which will be available soon. Depending how quick the floor in my studio is replaced. I have to move everything, and I mean everything out and then in again. So if all goes well I will have the class available end of August, but at least I hope for mid september. Keep your fingers crossed for me😉.

But now back to the video down below, layering severals stencils did look for me a little bit like those wallpapers from old castles, knighthouses or victorian houses in general. Enjoy!

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