Timelapse for a new assemblage: Goddess of the forest

Welcome to another finished projects. This time it is an assemblage again. Those kind of works take quite some time until I can really start them. I need to have the right found objects together. They way I approacht them I rummage to my collected “treasures” and decided, wether they can work together or not. And not always it really works in the end. It is more or less a back and forth process. Sometimes those pieces just don’t look right together and sometimes there are so to speak technical issues. How to bring those different materials together.

For this assemblage I even did build a tool or a jig to make the wire skirt. This wooden base were I weave the wire you see in the video. And a little sidenote I do sell my artwork even if you don’t see them in my shop. There are just not enough hours in a day to maintain my one woman businessđŸ˜‰. But I’m looking forward to have finally some shows again in fall.

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