Making a pretty Cover

Today I alter the covers of my completed Artjournal with collage, paint, stencils and markers.
Hello and Welcome I’m Bea Grob and I love to inspire you. I start by adding some tissue papers, old book pages and parts of a doily. Then I went on with Gesso and base layer of teal color. In my next step I play with my own stencils and more paint. Finally I added details with the different pencils.
And just a little sidenote here, it is rather unusual for me to do the front and back cover as a last step. Normally I start with the covers, but for some reason I jumped right into the pages with this Art Journal.
And a little heads up here, I will have if everything works well a youtube live next Wednesday at 7:00 pm CET with a flipthrough the completed Artjournal.

Have fun and enjoy.

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