I have a Redbubble Shop

Welcome to a somewhat different blog. Well we all know that there gonna be no exhibition and shows this year. I have applied as usual for several shows here in Switzerland and now one after the other came back to me and told me they are all postponed at least to next year. I’m in general not a pesimist at all, but even for spring 2021 I’m not sure about…

So I had to come up with something else instead and that is you guessed I have opened a redbubble shop. I have started last week with uploading and will do so for some time, with designs I think you may have fun with. And sidenote if you have something in mind I have posted yet, well shoot me an email at info at beagrob.com or reach out at me at my Facebook Business Site. Just to wet your appetite I have some samples of products that are available through Redbubble down below. What I like about Redbubble you can order from both sides of the pond😉. Now enjoy some pictures.

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