Vintage Style Artist Trading Cards

Today I’m sharing some Vintage Style ATC’s for the challenge event from Art Joy of Sharing community on Facebook. I made them with some napkin, stamps, paint and old trims.
A little heads up my next video will be up on Saturday, not Friday. Yeap another collaboration, so stay tuned for Saturday.

Ask to join here –… Be sure to answer the questions! I Enjoy the video.

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Back to the Artist Trading Cards, for those who are new to those. This are cards to swap and are in the same size as the Baseball Cards or soocer cards the kids used to swap (I’m out of the loop no idea if kids still swap cards?😉) the size is 2,5 inch by 3,5 inch. There are groups on the internet where they swap them and yes some to sell them but then they are called Art Cards, Editions and Originals (ACEOs). Enjoy the video

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