Two videos this Friday for you

Two projects for you today. Mixed Media MailArt Postcards and Mixed Media Altered Frame. So sit down and enjoy the show.
Ok I know a little crazy, but hey sometimes life is crazy. How that happended. Well I’m on a Designteam for the blog bleedingartchallenge and that has been arranged since a while for this Friday.
And then I’m in a Videohop for #youmatter. First reaction was, no I can’t have two videos per week. But then I thaught it is such a good idea, I can’t pass that. So here we are two videos per day.

No it isn’t not going to be the new way. I have already enough to do with the third video per week, which I carry on for a while, but I guess that is not for ever either. Cause there are so many other ideas. Thinking about Zoom (or similar app) Live classes right now, doing more online classes together with friends. Talking about online classes don’t miss the “Sommerkurs Regenbogen” the early bird price runs til May 31 (for those who speak german only, sorry😘)

But back to the Friday videos the first is for the event #youmatter. We are a bunch of 15 Videocreators. So you can hop from one video to the another to get inspired. I made a quick video with some fun and easy MailArt Postcards so you can send some to your friends and let them know that you are thinking of them.

Now the video for the Mixed Media Altered frame is a longer one. But I show you how you can alter a frame, and make a acrylic skin from your own paintings or photos.

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