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Everything about ❤ Mixed Media and More, Artjournaling, Painting, Assemblage, Journal Making and anything else that sparks my interest…
Alles zu ❤ Mixed Media und Mehr, Kreativtagebuch, Malen, Assemblage, Journal selber machen und alles andere das mich interessiert….

3 th Mystery Envelope

Welcome to the 3th Mystery Envelopes Collaboration. I did invite several fellow artist to participate in that fun challenge. They all received an envelope full of mostly vintage goodies. Then they went off to make some sort of art and make a video. Everybody was free to make whatever they want as long as they use about 50 % in combination if they choose so with their own stash.So we have seen so far Collage, Bookmaking, Mixed Media pieces everything in their own unique style. And just so you know those envelopes are also available for purchase here at my…

#EverythingWithWing 49

Willkommen zu Woche 49. Diesmal hab ich mit Resten von Papieren einen Hintergrund geklebt, anschliessend hab ich mit Gesso die Farben etwas abgedämpft. Danach hab ich die Uhr mit Embossing Ink gestempelt und mit 2 verschiedenen Farben bestreut. Viel Vergnügen mit dem Video, For week 44 I did make a background with leftover papers and then did tone them down with some Gesso. Next I stamped this cute clock with wings with embossing ink and added two different colors of embossing powder. Enjoy the video.

#EverythingWithWing 47

Willkommen zu Woche 47, diesmal hab ich mit einem ausgestanztem Herz, Schmetterlingslügeln und Landkartenteile und meinen eigenen Hintergrundpapiere gespielt. Den Spruch und das Wort sind auf meinem Drucker entstanden. Viel Vergnügen mit dem Video. Welcome to week 47, this time I did play with some punched out hearts, butterfly wings and bit and pieces from maps and my own background papers. I also did add a quote and words which I have printed on my computer. Enjoy the video.