Visual Art Journal Class 1 (Spring 2022)

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Visual Art Journal Class 1 March through April 2022

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Whether you’re already a have painted for year – or if you’ve never touched a paintbrush in your whole entire life – you can learn how to start an art journal

A journal to express your own thaughts and emotion. Or just to try out new ideas, finding trust in your own creativity, all above and more. Not necessary just with letters and words, but also with doodeling, painting,collage, drawing, stamping or stencils. There are no rules, just about anything goes. In fact my Artjournals are mostly visual.
Visual Art Journal Class 1 runs in spring (excact dates below) in Bauma for anyone interested. To take part you don‘t have to be an artist, also there is an artist in everyone of us…
All you need is curiosity and a love for experimentation. There is no right or wrong,  just a joyful trying out. With the help of the prompts, which you can follow along more or less, you create your very own pages, try out all kind of materials and learn about different design techniques.
Where to start, what do I need? First of course a journal with some heavier paper, that can handle wet medium and can be collaged. Preferably spiralbound Mixed Media or Watercolor Paper. (You can bring your own or buy one from me)
Thursday March 24th; April 14 th; April 28 th; May 19th( there may be changes) 2022
4 evenings from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm, approx. every two weeks
Use of medium and tools like paint, collage materials, pencils, brushes, scissors are included in the price.

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