Triple Package any A4 sizes of your choice


CHF 32

Three stencils of your choice for one price, including shipping.

5 in stock (can be backordered)


Just select the triple package and pay, I then will contact you via e-mail, which one you have choosen and send them right away. Most of the time I have to produce them once the order is in. I don’t keep a large inventory I rather produce them upon demand. Usually I sent them in between one and three working days after the order is in. Of course I have no influence how fast the post office delivers.

Three approximately A4 sized stencil, which I have designed and then cut with my electronic cutter. This means some irregularities may occur. For excact details of yur selection check them individualy.

I did use a mylar foil which is slightly translucent. Thickness is 0,125 mm.
A4 size is about 8 x 11,5 inch or 210x 225 mm

Prize includes shipping international for all three stencils.


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