Trash to Treasure Art Journal

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What do you think about a week with daily short videos on how to turn Trash to Treasure?
This fun class starts on Monday, December 28th, 2020 with daily videos and ends with a Zoom meeting on January 2nd, 2021 for a show and tell.
By the way also perfect as a Christmas Gift for yourself or somebody else (in this case contact me so we can make sure the recipient get’s on the list, all I need is a working email adress)

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Ready for a fun class during Holidays. So let’s turn some trash to treasure.
The whole process is broke up into daily sessions. Not to big of a commitment, so it stays enjoyable and doesn’t feel like a huge task, more like bite sized pieces of art. We start with preparing boxes, paint them, bind them into a journal and we do work on the front and on the back cover. I have also included in this class a pdf file with a sketch from a girl and some sayings for you to print out.
We start on Monday, December 28th 2020 with the first video and then I will post every day til January 1st, 2021 the video at about 10:00 am CET for you to dive into. Explore another way to be creative and relaxed.
Then on January 2th 2021 we will meet for a show and tell, chating art and I will do a flipthrough of some of my handmade journals.
The Zoom meeting is if course voluntary in case you don’t feel comfortable with the Show and Tell, also you might miss some Flipthrough of my Artjournals at least. (there is always the option to only watch)

The class videos will be up for later viewing until end of January, so no stress here either.
But please make sure that your email address is the correct one as the page with the videos and the zoom meeting are password protected, so I need to send those infos via email.
The video language is english, but I will have german subtitles.

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