Here you can find all exhibitions where I am present / Hier findet ihre alle Ausstellungen bei denen ich dabei bin.

  • Creafair
    The new trade fair of the do-it-yourself industry and platform for like-minded do-it-yourselfers.I will teach workshops there
    March 3th-March 5th
    Check it out here
  •  International Easter Egg Exhibition, Schloss Greifensee
    I will attend with my paintings.
    March 25th + 26th
    Check it out here
  • Spring Exhibition, Dübendorf
    I will be there with paintings and assemblages
    May 12th-May 14th
    Check it out here
  • KuK- Art and Artisan, Bauma
    I will attend with paintings and assemblages
    September 22nd+23th
    Check it out here