Video Classes

Those are self-paced online classes with instant access after going live. Paid classes and events have at least a two year running time starting with the first date going life or as long as my business is up and running
So you can watch as many times you want and and whenever you want. The older

You will receive a confirmation email for login infos, please keep this email for further reference.

A desktop computer or laptop is recommended, you can use a tablet, however make sure everything is in good working order. A high speed internet connection, preferably Wifi, not cellular is strongly recommanded for uploading pages with multiple media contens and smooth stream those high resolution videos online. To protect the integrity of my content and all the work that went into creating this classes, the videos are not downloadable. Therefore a good standing Internet connections is advisable so you can stream smoothly.

It is best to have the latest version of Chrome or Firefox installed on your device. If you are on an apple device I recommand to download Firefox or Chrome. Safari is known to create issues with password-protected sites. You can easely download them from the App store.

No refunds for online classes after registration.