Shop and Classes

Some items are here for a limited time only, so take a look around at Art Prints and Handmade Journals, Mini Mixed Media Works and more.
I also have Digital Collage Papers, they usually up about 1 year, before I change them out. Click on the blue highlighted bar for the different categories.

All about Courses
  • For all the Live Online Classes I have a maximum of 6 people at the moment, Minimum 2 people
  • Classes on site I have a minimum of 2 people and at the moment (Covid) a maximum of 4 students, the studio is big enough to maintain distance and we have access ot desinfectant.
  • Video Classes, unlimited number of people

Date Collision for on site courses? No problem all classes can take place on other dates after agreement with 2 persons or more. So just convince your girlfriend, sister or mother and ask. By the way, this is also a great idea for a somewhat different birthday party.


Registration is possible via the website and can be paid directly via Paypal (credit card is sufficient), in exceptional cases also verbally. Registrations will be considered after receipt and are binding.
Cancellations up to two weeks before the start of the class can be waived or refunded if a replacement can be found, whereby a fee of CHF 30.00 will be charged. If you cancel less than two weeks before the start of the course, the entire course fee is due.
Depending on the class, the number of participants is between 2 and a maximum of 8. Now with covid 19 Crisis I do restrict it to 4 people.
There are waiting lists for fully booked classes.
A lesson usually lasts 60 minutes.
Material costs during the class are usually included.
Insurance / liability is the responsibility of the participants. There is no liability for damages and/or accidents.
If a class cannot be attended, the claim is forfeited.

All about my handmade items, once there gone, there gone.

The shipping is usually included, and if you see something else on my webside you’d like to purchase, just contact me. Yes I also do sell original artwork.

If you want to see a flipghrough I have a video here
Colorful Collage Paper Book

I do have a book at Amazon as a print on demand.
It is available in all countries that Amazon delivers. For those living in Switzerland, I do have copies which you either can pick up at the studio on appointement only. Or I can send it to a Swiss address Priority. Please email for details at info at Find here the link for the flipthrough

My RedBubble Store

Check out all my designs I have uploaded. There are my whimsical Girls, flowers more or less abstract and some prints too. You can have them on mugs, pillows, T-Shirts. Or as notebook and Gallery Prints and what not.

Find the terms and condition for my shop here