Some items are here for a limited time only, so take a look around at Art Prints and Handmade Journals, Mini Mixed Media Works and more.
I also have Digital Collage Papers, they usually up about 1 year, before I change them out. Click on the blue highlighted bar for the different categories. (Mixed Media Works and Digital Collage Papers coming soon)

Art prints

Handmade Journals

If you want to see a flipghrough I have a video here

Mini Mixed Media Works

coming soon

Digital Collage Papers

coming soon

Colorful Collage Papers Book

available via Amazon

I do have a book at Amazon
It is available in all countries that Amazon delivers (no Swiss address though, I’m working on it to have it pretty soon available directly from me)

Find the terms and condition for my shop here

Do you want more fun items, well then check out Teespring I have some items there too. Hopefully more coming soon.