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Online Classes

New Online Workshop, Mixed Media and More on Mondays

Need more inspiration on regular basis? Then this onlineclass might be the perfect solution for you. It is a membership now directly on my page, instead on another platform. Should be easier for you to navigate.

Now what is the class about, well all about artjournaling, making the own journals, Mixed Media Painting, Collage, Assemblage and anything else that sparks my interrest.
Each week I will have one to two videos which are more in deepth then my usual youtube videos. With more explanations and also with associated printables for you to use in any projects (just not selling them as printables please😀). Book your Membership here: Membership

Alle Videos und pdf-Dateien mit deutscher Übersetzung. Ihr könnt hier die Mitgliedschaft buchen Membership

Sommerkurs Regenbogen

Das wird ein farbiger Sommer, ganz genau in allen Farben des Regenbogens. Ab 1. August werden neun Künstlerinnen mit diesem Thema zu Euch ins Haus kommen.

Mein Thema ist Lulu und das Regenbogenhuhn.

Dieser Online Kurs findet statt bei Kreatives Leben hier findet ihr alle weiteren Infos: Sommerkurs Regenbogen

Der Kurs ist komplett in deutsch. Und nicht vergessen es gibt Frühbucherrabatt gibt es für 79.- Euro statt 99.- bis 31.05.2020 . Also nichts wie los zum Buchen.

It will be a colourful summer, yeap in all the colours of the rainbow. Starting august 1st nine artists will come to your house with this theme. This online course takes place at Kreatives Leben. Here you can find all further information Sommerkurs Regenbogen
The course is completely in German. And don’t forget, there is an early bird discount for 79 Euro instead of 99 Euro until 31.05.2020.

Live Classes

  • All the classes take place with a minimum of 2 people!
  • New dates for Art Journal 2020 starting March 5th 2020, Thursday evenings
  • ATC Club Artist Trading Cards and Coins, 4 Thursday evenings starting February 27th 2020

Date Collision? No problem all courses can take place on other dates after agreement with 2 persons or more. So just convince your girlfriend, sister or mother and ask. By the way, this is also a great idea for a somewhat different birthday party.

You can sign up directly below by paying to Paypal, if you have any questions simply ask here:


Registration is possible via the website and can be paid directly via Paypal (credit card is sufficient), in exceptional cases also verbally. Registrations will be considered after receipt and are binding.
Cancellations up to two weeks before the start of the course can be waived or refunded if a replacement can be found, whereby a fee of CHF 30.00 will be charged. If you cancel less than two weeks before the start of the course, the entire course fee is due.
Depending on the course, the number of participants is between 2 and a maximum of 8. Now with covid 19 Crisis I do restrict it to 4 people.
There are waiting lists for fully booked courses.
A lesson usually lasts 60 minutes.
Material costs during the course are usually included.
Insurance / liability is the responsibility of the participants. There is no liability for damages and/or accidents.
If a course day cannot be attended, the claim is forfeited.

What is an Art Journal?

A journal to express your own thaughts and emotion. Or just to try out new ideas, finding  trust in your own creativity, all above and more. Not necessary just with letters and words, but also with doodeling, painting,collage, drawing, stamping or stencils. There are no rules, just about anything goes. In fact my Artjournals are mostly visual.
Once a month I open my studio in Bauma for anyone interested. To take part you don‘t have to be an artist, also there is an artist in everyone of us…
All you need is curiosity and a love for experimentation. There is no right or wrong, just a joyful trying out.
Creating an art journal is all about you, but sometimes we need some help to get started. With the help of the prompts, which you can follow along more or less, you create your very own pages, try out all kind of materials and learn about different design techniques.
Where to start, what do I need? First of course a journal with some heavier paper, that can handle wet medium and can be collaged. Preferably spiralbound with a bookcover in craftpaper that can be embellished. (You can bring your own or buy one from me)

New Dates for 2020

March 5th, April 2th, May 2nd, June 4th, September 3th, October 1th,  November 5th ( there may be changes)

strathmore artjournal cover

Art Journal

7 evenings from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, first Thursday of each month. Exact dates under course description. All colours and collage materials are included in the price.

185,00 CHF

Index Mini Buch

In this course you can make your own mini book out of old index cards and watercolour paper. Size approx. 12,5 high and 7,5 cm wide. All material is included. If there is enough time, you can make some more pages with collage, colour and more. New dates (due to Covid 9) July 4th 2020.

Mini Buch

Make your mini book out of old index cards, scale, watercolor paper and more. Saturday, August 29th from 10:00 to 17:00 (1 hour lunch break) All material, including lunch included in the price. Price per person

135,00 CHF

Altered Bottle

Do you like to alter, upcycle or recycle things? Well this rich altered vase will absolutely delight you. Choose your color to go with your interior. Add lace, sparkle and other accents. All perfected by a small silhouetted picture of your choice. It’s like magic when you take a simple glass bottle and turn it into a beautiful vase.

Altered Bottle

Turn an empty bottle into a beautiful vase.

135,00 CHF

Trading / Tausch Club

In case you don’t know exactly what that is. Here is the explanation. These are exchange cards (recently there are also coins) in the size of 64 x 89 mm (2 ½ x 3 ½ inch). The same format as football exchange cards. Initiated in 1997 by the Swiss artist M. Vänçi Stirnemann. These are miniature works of art, unique pieces or small series that are exchanged and collected.

New Dates

We will meet in my studio Thursday evening 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm February 26th, April 30th, June 25th, September 24th 2020

Together we design ATC’s, a topic or a technique is presented. Then everything works more or less independently on the implementation. At the end we exchange our cards. It is also possible to exchange already existing cards. All material and tools are included in the price.

ATC Trading Cards

We meet to work together on artist exchange cards. Each time on a proposed theme or technique. Afterwards these and further cards can be exchanged. Everyone is welcome.

125,00 CHF

Starter Journal

Are you afraid of a blank page in the Art Journal, you know
not start where? Or do you sometimes not have enough time to
to fill the whole page in one go?

Then come to my studio and we make a spiralbound art journal (24 pages, about 14 x 15 cm) with many backgrounds. This serves as a starting point for your creative ideas with collage, painting, doodling and more

But what is an art journal for? Well, maybe you want to express something or you need a place where you can write down your feelings and thoughts. But maybe you don’t want to express your feelings, maybe you just want to play with colors. It’s all good, because your art journal is your playground.

The course costs include all material, for day courses also a small lunch (salads, cheese and bread including drinks).

Course either as 2 day course or 6 evenings total 12 hours from 2 persons

Starter Journal

We start with many backgrounds, which we then tie into an individual spiral bound journal. Either as 2 day course from 10:00 to 17:00 o'clock or spread over five evenings. Price per person

260,00 CHF