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New Online Workshop, english with german subtitles.
Happy, Colorful Birds, find the workshop here

  • All the classes take place with a minimum of 2 people!
  • Funky Christmastree, 1 day workshop, october 26th 2019
  • Angie the little, big angel, 1 day workshop, november 23th 2019
  • New dates for 2020 starting March 5th 2020, Thursday evenings
  • ATC Club Artist Trading Cards and Coins, 4 Thursday evenings starting February 27th 2020
  • Starter Art Journal, 5 evenings
  • Little Wonky Houses, Mixed Media Mini Workshop  on demand with 2 people or more
  • Happy colorful Birds, Mixed Media on demand with 2 people or more
  • Magic Funky Crazy Collage on demand with 2 people or more

Date Collision? No problem all courses can take place on other dates after agreement with 2 persons or more. So just convince your girlfriend, sister or mother and ask. By the way, this is also a great idea for a somewhat different birthday party.

You can sign up directly below by paying to Paypal, if you have any questions simply ask here:

What is an Art Journal?

A journal to express your own thaughts and emotion. Or just to try out new ideas, finding  trust in your own creativity, all above and more. Not necessary just with letters and words, but also with doodeling, painting,collage, drawing, stamping or stencils. There are no rules, just about anything goes.
Once a month I open my studio in Bauma for anyone interested. To take part you don‘t have to be an artist, also there is an artist in everyone of us…
All you need is curiosity and a love for experimentation. There is no right or wrong, just a joyful trying out.
Creating an art journal is all about you, but sometimes we need some help to get started. With the help of the prompts, which you can follow along more or less, you create your very own pages, try out all kind of materials and learn about different design techniques.
Where to start, what do I need? First of course a journal with some heavier paper, that can handle wet medium and can be collaged. Preferably spiralbound with a bookcover in craftpaper that can be embellished. (You can bring your own or buy one from me)

New Dates for 2020

March 5th, April 2th, May 2nd, June 4th, September 3th, October 1th,  November 5th ( there may be changes)

strathmore artjournal cover

Art Journal

7 evenings from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, first Thursday of each month. Exact dates under course description. All colours and collage materials are included in the price.

185,00 CHF

Trading / Tausch Club

In case you don’t know exactly what that is. Here is the explanation. These are exchange cards (recently there are also coins) in the size of 64 x 89 mm (2 ½ x 3 ½ inch). The same format as football exchange cards. Initiated in 1997 by the Swiss artist M. Vänçi Stirnemann. These are miniature works of art, unique pieces or small series that are exchanged and collected.

New Dates

We will meet in my studio Thursday evening 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm February 26th, April 30th, June 25th, September 24th 2020

Together we design ATC’s, a topic or a technique is presented. Then everything works more or less independently on the implementation. At the end we exchange our cards. It is also possible to exchange already existing cards. All material and tools are included in the price.

ATC Trading Cards

We meet to work together on artist exchange cards. Each time on a proposed theme or technique. Afterwards these and further cards can be exchanged. Everyone is welcome.

125,00 CHF

Starter Art Journal

Are you afraid of an empty page in the Art Journal, don’t you know where to start? Or do you sometimes not have enough time to fill a whole page in one go?

In my studio we make a spiral bound Art Journal with many backgrounds. This serves as a starting point for your creative ideas with collage, painting, doodling and more.

But what is an art journal for? Well, maybe you want to express something, or you need a place where you can write down your feelings and thoughts. But maybe you don’t want to express feelings, maybe you just want to play with colors. It’s all good, because your art journal is your playground.

In this course I want to provide ideas, tools and techniques that can be implemented without a big budget. Painting techniques, stamps and stencils, dripping technique, scribbling and more are introduced and you choose what seems right to you at the moment.
An art journal is a great way to develop your creativity, even if you don’t think you are.

On demand this class can also be booked as a 2 day Workshops if there are at least 2 participants

Starter Art Journal

5 evenings from 6:30 pm til 9:00 pm, February 28th til march 27th 2020. The cost of the course includes all materials and use of tools.

195,00 CHF

Little Big Angel

This is Angie, the small, big angel (about 30 cm)born of fabric, color, thread and sequins.

In this workshop you will create your own art doll. First we sew the basic form out of fabric. With the sewing machine in a simple stitch. Then colour comes into play, either as a Gelliprint print or simply paint on it. Use it to decorate your home, take it with you to the office or on your journey. It is also a unique, very personal gift for your loved ones.

Angie the angel

1 day workshop, Sat november 23th 2019 from 10:00 to 17:00 (1 hour lunch break) The cost of the course includes all materials and a small lunch (salads, cheese, bread and drinks).

135,00 CHF

Funky christmas Tree

Christmas tree once differently pleasing? In this one-day workshop we’ll use recycled materials, modelling paste, colour, lots of bling and more to create a funky Christmas tree. The colour can be adjusted individually. All materials are available, but you can also use your own and we will see if it is suitable.

Funky Christmas Tree

1 day workshop, Sat 26 October 2019 from 10:00 to 17:00 (1 hour lunch break) The cost of the course includes all materials and a small lunch (salads, cheese, bread and drinks).

135,00 CHF

Little Wonky houses

In this mini workshop you design your own row of houses with paint, papers, markers and more.
Take a day to discover the creative side of yourself. In this mini workshop you will be introduced to the different techniques and you will gain confidence in your creative abilities.
Mixed Media is a combination of collage, stamping, transfer technique, painting and more.
The theme this time is houses. If you do not want to draw yourself, the template is of course at your disposal.

Little Wonky Houses

1-day workshop, on demand 10:00 to 17:00 (1 hour lunch break) the cost of the course includes all working materials such as acrylic paint, use of brushes, stamps, stencils, painting grounds, etc.

110,00 CHF

happy colorful birds

Do something good for yourself, be creative among like-minded people.
In this 2-day workshopyou design your own papers with the help of monoprint techniques as a base for the colorful birds. But that’s not all, of course you can also try out ink, acrylic paint, markers and more, before you finish your personal favorite piece
This mixed media workshop is a combination of collage, stamping, transfer technique, painting and more.

Happy colorful Birds

2-day workshop, Sat + Sun 13/14 April 2019 from 10:30 am to 5 pm, 1 hour lunch break) the cost of the course includes all working materials such as acrylic paint, use of brushes, stamps, stencils, painting grounds, etc.

195,00 CHF

Magic Funky crazy collage

Collage is the art of creating a two-dimensional image by combining all kinds of materials on a substrate. In other words, it’s just fun and an inexpensive, playful piece of art that anyone can make. It’s a way to an artistic representation and simply gives you a good time.

Bring it with you: Magazine snippets that you love because of their texture, shape and/or colour, silk papers, napkins, scissors with a good sharpness and/or a Xacto knife
– Two to four watercolour papers about 20 x 20 cm as substrate (I recommend 300gr it warps less) or if the colour doesn’t bother you, you can use cardboard (e.g. from packaging, no corrugated cardboard) as substrate.

Magic Funky Crazy Collage

1-day workshop, Saturday May 4th 2019 from 10:00 to 16:00 (1 hour lunch 1-day workshopon demand from 10:00 am til 4 pm (1 hour lunchbreak Included in the cost of the course are the use of adhesives and ephemera. There are also various magazines to choose from, but it is also advisable to browse through your own collection. Please bring your own substrate (see above) to work on.

75,00 CHF