Abstract watercolor flowers

Welcome back to another video. It is again a timelapse, but as always if there are any question just put them in the comment. Now as you have seen in the title I did some abstracted flowers. I just had the urge to play with a bit of watercolor, so I grabed my Daniel Smith watercolors (any decent other brand works fine too) and some brushes. I usually pull out several brushes knowing that I probably won’t use them all. And for those who want to know what supplies I have used I have a little list here.
140 lb / 300gr/m2 watercolor paper
Silver Black velvet 3/4″ oval brush
Silver Black velvet short round #8
Royall&Langnickel Zen #5
Daniel Smith Watercolors
Opera Pink
Quinacridone Coral
Quinacridone Lilac
Quinacridone Purple
Shadow Violet
Neutral Grey
Naphtamine Maroon
Lunar black
Hansa Yellow
Nickel Azo Yellow
Undersea Green
Phtalo Yellow Green

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