Arjournal Flipthrough

Today I finally have a video for some flip throughs of some recent Art Journals. Took me a while to make at least the first video. There is another who has to be filmed pretty soon. Those journals I made completely from recycled materials. And don’t get me wrong here, I do use premade journals too, but sometimes I really like to work on the recycled ones too. Less pressure to ruin an expensive supply.
Anyway it is a rather longish video, so grab your coffee or tea and enjoy the show. I have two Journals which I talk about supplies and then the third is a timelapse for the handbook which was a member only production for Mixed Media and More on Monday. This is a weekly video inspiration which you can purchase here


  1. Bea Kaufmann

    Liebe Bea
    sehr schön und interessant deine ersten zwei “älteren” Bücher.
    Weiterhin viel Fun wünsche ich dir in deiner Kreativität.
    Liebe Grüsse

    1. Danke schön Bea und eine gute Weihnachtszeit

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