Artfully Sunday – Free monthly zoom live class

Want to have some fun time with a new artjournal maybe. Use it explore new techniques, test different mediums, create your own color palette, experiment with collage elements and try out some stencils. That’s what it is about for the free (yes free) zoom class. I will demonstrate in one of my journals and you can play along. I probably will record the session and have it as a timelapse over on youtube.

There is a minimum of 3 people and a maximum of 9 people. First come first served base. You have to book each date, so keep an eye on those dates down below. Please don’t book if you don’t intent really to attend or are not sure if you have the time. That way you don’t block the space for other’s how would love to participate too.

Those are the dates I have planned so far, please make sure that you book the right one, each one will be a seperate product.

October 23th, 2021 / November 14th, 2021 / December 12th 2021 / January 16th, 2021 / February 13th, 2021 / March 13th, 2021 / April 10th, 2021

You have to book it via Paypal, so I can keep track of the orders, just look here and choose the right date.

And here something for those who would love to have something in german

Hallo zusammen, falls ich genug Teilnehmer für eine deutsche Version habe, bin ich gerne bereit, dies auch auf deutsch zu machen. Also erzählt es weiter und nehmt mit mir Kontakt auf.

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