Playing with a new medium

Lately I took an online class with Kate Thompson, cause I love her style very much. In this class she did mix matt acrylic paint with watercolor. A thing I didn’t thaught off. One of the reasons why I still take classes. Just like with teaching, where students ask questions you never thaugth about. It just gives you new directions to explore. Or more adventures in color…😉

Anyway here a little insight on how I played with watercolor and matt acrylic paint. I couldn’t get my hands on some of the paints she has used: It is sometimes difficult to get the same materials here in Switzerland, especially if you want just like a small amount to try it out. Finally I did buy those samples for wallpaint in a hardware store. After all it is acryl too. Enjoy some pictures from the different steps.

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  1. Fantastic..! And also if you feel free check out my blog and support me..!😊

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