Gina B Ahrens – Explore Art and color

Gina pursued many art forms but her true love is and was alsways draving and painting. Her journey to painting and mixed media started with an introduction by a friend. Followed by classe from some great teachers like Flora Bowley, Traci Bautista and Pauline Agnew.

She discovered that she enjoys creating beautiful and unique pieces and as an artist and teacher, she finds no greater joy then to see fellow creatives express their inner soul.

Now it is time for her to answer the questions:

Question 1: Which colors have your dreams?

I don’t really think of myself dreaming in color…..when I think on my dreams they are mostly in black and white….shades of gray…..with the occasional splash of something bright…, teal, bright green. I love color but its so easy to get into a rut with it and have it get boring. So I actively try to switch it up often. Working on a colored background rather than white and have that be one of my colors. Limit my palette to shades of one color….or choose colors I dislike to create with and try something different.

Question 2: Assume we can travel again and there is an abundance of money. What would be your dream destination?

So many places….

A road trip with a camper across the United States, Canada and Alaska. A european adventure with Ireland, Scotland and the UK. Anywhere I can take my travel art bag and see the world….safely.

Question 3: If you come back in your next life as an animal, what would it be?
Something with wings so I could soar thru the air and feel the freedom of flying. Maybe an owl. In this life I am afraid of heights but in the next life I hope to have wings….

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