Shel C – Beautiful Under the sea Collage

Shel C is the only creator I actually have met in person. We were both Design Team Members for Canvas Corp Brand and met them together with others in Phoenix, several years ago. Since that time we had many Video Hop together, which is always fun.

Question 1: Which colors have your dreams? My favorite palette is always one with the brightest and clearest colors. I love purple blending into turquoise and teal or pink.

Question 2: Assume we can travel again and there is an abundance of money. What would be your dream destination? I love the ocean and the colorful and inquisitive animals that live in it. I would like to go to a place that has warm water and colorful creatures like Australia’s Great Barrier Reef or maybe Komodo national park in Indonesia. Or how about the Galapagos islands!

Question 3: If you come back in your next life as an animal, what would it be? Definitely a Dolphin. I have always been fascinated with this fun loving and curious animal!

Shel is from Tucson, Arizona in the United States. She is a mixed media artist, with a focus on collage in her art. She has enjoyed experimenting with many different types of media throughout her journey in artistic practice.  But her favorite media  has always been paper. That is why she named her studio PaperOcotilloStudio. She just loves little pieces of paper that have lots of patterns on them. Nothing makes her happier than gluing paper to anything in a creative way!  Her art is often inspired by nature and animals. They create organic shapes and color combinations that we see repeated everywhere. She likes to use those shapes for mark-making and visual texture whenever possible. She thinks that art makes the world a better place, and the people who practice it are better for it. She hopes you enjoy her class project, as we get creative together!

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