Marie Linder _ A spoonful of Mixed Media

Marie is living on the same side of the atlantic as me, just a bit (well quite bit for me) northern then me. Again she is one of the people I do Video Art Hops together.

Of course she too had to answer the questions I asked, and yes there are always the same

Question 1: Which colors have your dreams?
I do not actually know the color of my dreams, but I hope they are turquoise with hints of gold, because it is one of my favorite color combinations.

Question 2: Assume we can travel again and there is an abundance of money. What would be your dream destination?
My first trip will be to Sweden’s beautiful capital – Stockholm, which I really enjoy visiting. I like to travel to cities, go to museums, concerts, experience the history of the country. I do not intend to travel to the sun, like Thailand or similar. I live only 20 minutes from the sea, with wonderful long sandy beaches, my favorite place all year round.

Question 3: If you come back in your next life as an animal, what would it be?
Since I am a cat owner, I say – cat.

Marie lives in the southern part of Sweden. Since she was a child, she have always been creative with something. In 2010 she started with scrapbooking, mostly with making albums. In normal times, non-pandemic, she also teaches courses for making albums. In recent years, she has done a lot of art journaling and mixed media and think this is so fun. She likes to learn new things and would like to develop her abilities to draw faces, paint portraits a.s.o.

If you want to learn more about her go check it here

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