Peg Robinson – Colorful Journal

I met Peg in one of the many Videohop we both participate and organise. She is a gifted artist who presents a colorful Journal in this upcoming event with seven different teachers. In fact the inside looks like a rainbow. Don’t you think?

Now let’s start with the questions I had for every teacher that joined me for that new adventure

Question 1: Which colors have your dreams? 
I don’t usually dream or at least remember them. When I do they are all so different I don’t think I dream in any specific color but all of them. 

Question 2: Assume we can travel again and there is an abundance of money. What would be your dream destination?
I am a vagabond at heart. I would just start a trip and keep on going. I would love to see the world. A friend of mine traveled the Silk Road, another went to BoraBora. How can you pick just one place when there is a world to explore?

Question 3: If you come back in your next life as an animal, what would it be?
I have always felt very akin to lions but I think I would love to come back as an elephant. 

Peg comes to us with a background in business and accounting. While working her day job she still had a longing to create. Although mostly self-taught, she read many books and periodicals and continues her education by taking as many classes as possible to learn about arts and crafts. Peg began teaching at some local paper arts stores and offering art community education instruction through the local community college. She is a Helping Hand Artist for Decoart and has been a designer and artist for several stores including Emerald Creek and StencilGirl products.

One of the unique things about Peg is her gift of sharing and promoting art in communities she is growing where she shares her love of art. This is where We find her wonderful artist friend Shel. They share a channel on YouTube, Art Joy of Sharing LIVE, where they produce an hour and a half of art instruction, live each week. To support the live show and allow others to share their related work, they created a Facebook group, Art Joy of Sharing. 

Their collaboration does not stop there. Along with many other artist involved YouTube channels, they have produced many hops and challenges. These ladies are open and approachable and love to talk about art. Peg is always breaking down barriers and helping to bring our art community together.

If you want to learn a bit more about her check her here

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