How small can I make the stencils?

I’m in stencil mood at the moment, I design and make stencils. Sometimes for my shop here on the website, sometimes just for me. (Well you can always ask me if you want one that is not in the shop, just saying😉)

If you haven’t seen the post from yesterday I painted a girl in a Art Journal Page. There is a short video about the process, check it out. I then decided to turn it into a stencil, normal A5 size at first, but then I was wondering: How small can I go with the same image in my Brother Scan and cut and get a decent stencil. Well look for yourself I’m pretty happy with this small stencil perfect for ATC’s. No they are not in the shop yet not sure if they will end up there. Maybe if I have several faces together for one A5 Size stencil.

The original Art Journal Page measures about 11 x 10 ” or 28 x 26 cm the image with the stenciled girl is approx ATC’s size which 2,5 x 3,5 ” or 6,4 x 8,9 cm. Of course my brain started asking now what else could I turn into small stencils? Stay tuned!


  1. Aggie Chrismer

    I would love to see the mini stencils. Groups of faces or different things. They would go great for atc’s etc.

  2. Aggie Chrismer

    Oh, and if you would be willing to sell just the one I would jump at the chance of purchasing. Maybe you could throw in the mini along with the regular size, and i could buy both.

    1. BeaGrob

      working on it Agnes😉

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