Dos a dos handmade book

A handmade book art piece I made a while ago and recently I came across again of my process pictures. It is a Dos a Dos type book (French for “back to back”). Means you have two sides with pages, sort of kind of hard to describe, but if you look at the pictures you get the idea. I share here some of the pictures of the process. For the supplies I have used there is my favourite cardbox from cereals as base and then all kind of ephemera, papers and fabricsnippets for the pages. Also some beads for a dangle. I love dangles on books, so I incorporate them very often in my handmade books.


  1. I love making journals using all of the supplies that you use. I have been doing more collage work as of late but bookmaking is my most favorite. Nice job on your results.

    1. BeaGrob

      Thank you glad you enjoyed

  2. Aggie Chrismer

    I would love to see a video on your making of this really cool journal.

    1. BeaGrob

      It is already in the pipeline I‘m working on a new versio

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