Let us start with Art 3

Hello and Welcome I’m Bea Grob and I love to inspire you. Here it is the third video for the videohop “Let us start with Art”. We are a bunch of 8 to 12 artist who will do a hop together every first friday of the month for 2021. Once you have watched my video over at Youtube you will find the links below the videos. And a little hint here, if you watch the video til the end, you get a chance to win one of those paintings. Just follow the rules I explain in the video.
Again I have German subtitles. (Deutsche Untertitel im Video)

And just in case you want more in depth videos I have a membership over at my webside, where I explain and give tips and trick with most of my videos check it out. Check out the link in the right hand column.
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  1. Mary Prince

    I’m uncertain where to enter my choices should I win, so I’ll answer here. I’ve subscribed and given you my email. I’d choose C,G or H !

    1. BeaGrob

      Here is fine too thanks

  2. Beautiful. I want all of them. Going to try something like this soon.

    1. BeaGrob

      Thank you Louise, enjoy your process as I did.

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