Painting a face I sketched with the sewing machine

Here I have a longer video then my #shorts I have done lately. So sit back and watch my process for painting a face after I have machine sewn a face. Have fun and enjoy. And just in case you want more in depth videos I have a membership over at my website, where I explain and give tips and tricks with most of my videos, check it out. The link here

Again I have German subtitles. (Deutsche Untertitel im Video)

handmade pages for a journal I will put together when all the pages are finished
pieces of napkins
Liquitex Matt Medium
Cretacolor Nero Soft
soft pastels
acrylic paint turquoise, neon orange, gold and white and my own mixed translucent skin tone paint
homemade stencil and cosmetic sponge
posca pen in gold and Micron pen in black

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