Mixed Media and More on Monday

Maybe some of you have noticed that there is a second blog now on my webside The reason is that I move my online class slowly but steady over to my own webside as a second blog for members who buy the membership Level 2. I wasn’t so happy with the platform I have used. I’m in process to clean up my Social Media, so that it makes less work. I had sometimes the feeling I’m more at the computer then in my studio. So I’m about to streamline the whole process.

So if you have seen the announcement but you can’t see the whole it means you are not a paying member. The membership is CHF 50.00 for a whole year and all the videos that are already on my second blog are immediatly accessible. If you are interested check out the Membership page

I’m hoping that by end of april I will have all the lessons ready and just a little sidenote. I did rework all the videos and did add german translation to all of them in form of subtitles (well in my videos they are at the top😉)

And yes there is that free class for the Minibook which will end up right here for you all. Additionaly I will have it in the Free Memberarea under the videos too.


  1. Prisca

    Wow bin ganz begeistert von dem kleinen Buch. Danke für die Anleitung

    1. BeaGrob

      Schön dass es Dir gefällt

  2. That is an adorable art journal. I have plenty of match boxes so now I have to use them for books. Thank you

    1. BeaGrob

      welcome it is cute

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