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Welcome to my next video for a beautiful, messy art journal page where I clean up my stash, at least I tried, well there is still more. Recently I was playing again in my “to fill up” Journal. I decided also to use up bits and pieces from the desk, which I didn’t want to go into the Recycle Bin. At the same time I’m on a mission to use up paint. Enjoy my messy grungy Artjournalpage. Vidlink in the comment.So I did work with a lot of leftover papers, some nearly empty paint and some Gelatos. There are many layers to this doublespread, so I had to edit out a bit of the process so that the video isn’t too long. Enjoy the video.


  1. Love this

    1. BeaGrob

      Thank you

    2. BeaGrob

      Thank you Jennifer

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