#WBB18 Weekly Budgetfriendly Backgrounds

Welcome to the weekly series for budget friendly backgrounds. I did use manila folders, but you can work on any other surface you like. In episode 18 I gonna make Resist Marks with wax based supplies and then I go over with different light layers of acrylic paint. Enjoy the video.

Willkommen bei der wöchentlichen Serie für budgetfreundliche Hintergründe. Ich habe Manila-Ordner verwendet, aber man kann auf jeder anderen Oberfläche arbeiten, die man möchte. Iin der Folge 18 hab ich mit wachsbasierenden Stiften Muster gemacht und hab dann verschiedenen dünne Lagen von Acrylfarben aufgetragen.



  1. Agnes Chrismer (Aggie)

    Hi Bea, I usually watch all your videos on my phone. Love them all. I made a purchase for a mystery envelope, but laptop cannot download that program, it needs to be pdf. Is it possible to do that or do I need to send more money so you can send to my physical address. I would appreciate an answer.

    1. BeaGrob

      No need for more money, the physical envelope is already on the way, should arrive in between 4 to 5 working days, according to the postoffice.

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