Join me for a little autumn stroll

Just quick impression from a little stroll in the side valleys are less crowded. Perfect to recharge the batteries as an artist. Fall is one of my favourite seasons, with all the colored leaves and the less hot weather, but still warm enough to leave the studio without making myself “coldproof”. Yes I’m know to be cold all the time oh well😉 Now enjoy the little video further down.

Abstracted Cosmos Flowers

Welcome back to another painting I did recently. I do love the cosmos flowers, their color, the shape of their flower petals and also the very fine filigree of the stems and leaves. We don’t have them every year in the garden, this year we actually had sunflowers. We have only a small patch to grow flowers. Here some images from a flower bouquet of this years patch and a image of last years cosmos flowers. And if you want to see how I did some abstracted Cosmos Flowers just look further down to find my YouTube video. Enjoy!