Visit my studio

This year is quite different for a lot of us. Usually that time of the year I had an open house, where I invited befriended artist. This year for safety reason, we decided, that it will be just my husband, the weaver and me open up the studio. So we can keep up with the current hygenia and behavioral guidelines. So we are looking forward to see you following weekends:Friday, november 27th and Saturday, november 28th 2020, between 1 pm and 5 pmFriday, december 11th and Saturday, december 12th 2020, between 1 pm and 5 pmHeinrich Gujerstr. 9, 8494 Bauma,…

Welcome to my Hallway Gallery and Studio Tour

Welcome to my little hallway gallery and my studio. I give a little inside where I work and you also can see some of my art in my little hallway gallery. So check out this video. If you are interested in any of my artworks I can also offer you some private videoconference on several platforms, so I can show you more details on the paintings. Especially with the Assemblages I go around the artwork to give you a better insight to my 3D Works. Enjoy the video.