Different kind of project

Thanks to hubby I have a nearly finished refreshed studio. All the big works is done, just some details, like adding new lights and putting things in place again.mI even managed to play with pencil and watersoluble markers for my first mandala. I really enjoyed working for a while in the dining room, but I‘m happy to have my studio again. It is nice to grab things when they are not in boxes.😉

One of my many Artjournals

I do work a lot in Artjournals, just to experiment. But even with those I sometimes hesitate “to ruin” that page. But I figure out, when I make my journals from trash I’m more likely to mess up the page. And sometimes that is excactly where you find those awesome happy accidents (yeap I refer to Bob Ross😉) which leads your works in a new directions. I have one that is pretty soon finished again and yes I will have a flipthrough over at Youtube once it is ready. So stay tuned for that. In the meantime I share some…